Bead Soup Blog Party 8 reveal

Hello party people! Here's the big day, time to reveal what we cooked!

I'm not sure how many of you know my jewelry, I am a seed beader, although lately I don't have a lot of time for beading and bead embroidery due to having a full-time job and going to university again. I's always fun to receive totally different beads than what I usually work with, as it happened this year too :)
Here's the bead soup I received from my Partner, Elsbeth, and here you will find the soup I sent to her.

And here's what I made from her beads. Unfortunately the weather is kind of grey lately so I couldn't take better photos.

 I really loved the striped cotton rope I received, so the first piece I made from it was a pair of earrings, which are so much fun to wear! I think these earrings will be my favorite festival jewelry, together with this bracelet:

Yes I know it is a very very simple bracelet but I think this rope looks so cool by itself, I didn't want to cut it to pieces so I just made a basic wrap bracelet with a magnetic clasp.

I made 2 other bracelets, one using the black leather cord I received with some of the smaller colorful glass beads and the cure heart clasp, and another with a larger yellow-green bead, which would be too heavy to use together with the others, brown learher and I did some macrame with brown cotton cords. I like how they turned out, they are also very simple but this way I can wear them to work or school.

I received 2 chili pepper beads which I also loved, so I turned them into earrings. But to be onest, I'm not completely satisfied with the result. I planned to make something inspired by Hungarian folk art, but I'm just not so good at using wire so I kept the design simple. I'm not sure about these earrings, what do you think? (Feel free to add your honest opinion :)

From the green nautilus beads I planned to make a necklace and earring set, but then I fell into a kind of creative block. The necklace didn't quite turn out as I imagined it - I wanted to make something colorful, like coral reefs, but I think I should have chosen different colors, so I think I will redo this necklace some other time.

Since I received so many beads from Elsbeth,  I made 2 other paits of earrings, and I still have a lot to work with!

Thank you so much Elsbeth, and thank you Lori for organizing this bead soup party again, despite all the problems. I hope you get better soon!

Follow this link to visit my partner's blog and see what she made from my bead soup: acrimbolda's glaswelt
To see all of the finished Beadsoup projects, visit Lori's blog for the complete list of links.You can find it here.

Have a great weekend and enjoy blog hopping! :)
 moonsafari beads - egyedi ékszerek

Bead Soup Blog Party 8

It's been a long time since I last posted in this blog. The reason is simple: lack of time. Besides having a day job, I'm also doing a 3-semester translator training at university so I have very little time left after finishing all the homework I get.

But however busy I am, I did not want to skip this years Bead Soup Blog Party, the 8th BSBP organized by Lori Anderson. This year my parner is Elsbeth from Germany. It's her first BSBP,I hope she won't be disappointed :) She makes amazing glass beads which you can see on her blog here.

Since she already told me she received my bead soup, I think it's OK if I show you what I sent to her. As always, I added a few textured polymer clay beads that I made, together with a polymer clay focal, some labradorite and chrysoprase beads, cultured pearls and metal findings. I hope she will enjoy creating jewelry with them :)

I haven't received Elsbeth's bead soup yet, but they should be here soon as she posted them a bit earlier than me. I can't wait to see them!

The reveal date for this blog party is May 3rd. For more information and the full list of participants please visit Lori's blog.

 moonsafari beads - egyedi ékszerek

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