Meet my Bead Soup partner - Malin de Koning

Earlier this week I received my bead soup from my partner, Malin de Koning, and she received my soup as well. So it's time to show what we will play with :) But first let me introduce her.
Malin is a Swedish designer of jewelry, and a collector of art beads. Her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are a wonderful combination of materials and colors. She has an amazing taste in picking and combining beads! Here are a few of my favorites from her blog:

The beaded bead on this last photo is also made by Malin, she makes them in pretty colors and various shapes. Just look at this photo, aren't they yummy?

Please visit Malin's blog and her Etsy shop here:

So, after the introduction here's the soup I received from Malin:

 Aren't I lucky? ;) I LOVE these beads! Many of them are art beads (from artists on Etsy), and I also got silk cords and sari silk strands. I've been wanting to try these for some time so I was really happy to find them in the box. And the silk cocoons! I 'discovered' them just recently and I was thinking these are so special to use for jewelry. So finding a pair of these in the box was another nice surprise :) My other favorites from Malin's soup are the copper clasp and the painted pebles, but really, everything is so beautiful.

See Malin's blog post  about BSBP:

Malin has received my bead soup too, here is what I've sent her.

This pack includes my polymer clay beads in turquoise, purple and yellow-green. Glazing polymer clay for a faux ceramic effect is a new technique for me, I wanted to send something new to my partner :) I've sent some fire polished beads and seed beads in matching colors and silver components, with a Hundertwasser-inspired pendant. Just before closing the envelope I thought I have a rivoli cab in a pretty greenish blue color so I added that one too, thinking that Malin could try setting it in beads. She told me she felt she would get a cab from me :)  Maybe she knew even before I knew? :)

Thank you again Lori for organizing this fun blog  hop, I'm so happy I can participate again. And thank you for pairing me with Malin, she is such a cool partner! :)

 moonsafari beads - egyedi ékszerek

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  1. Hú mennyi gyönyörűség, kíváncsian várom mik fognak készülni! :)

  2. This is amazing! If you're ever interested in finding more bead soup partners, I'd love to exchange with you :)


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