Bead Soup Blog Party contest - Happy Dance!!

This is so exciting! 2 of my bead soup designs have been chosen as winners of this year's Bead Soup contest!
This is the first time Lori organized a contest for the pieces, there were over 900 participants and the 7 judges have chosen 46 winners. I'm so honored to be among them! If you browse through this Pinterest board where participants shared their creations, you will understand why I didn' expect to win at all. There were hundreds of amazing pieces!
To see my necklace and earrings today in Lori's post announcing the winners made me so happy I wanted to dance around my apartment. It didn't really happen though, due to an akle sprain that happened a few days ago... I just did a little sitting dance on the sofa :)

These fun green earrings were chosen by Fusion Beads as a winner of 'Best use of color'. They were made with painted pebbles by Plymouth Rocks, that I received from my partner, Malin.

The barrel beads, the silk cord, the teardrop and the metal component (originally part of a clasp) were also sent to me by Malin. This necklace was chosen by Nina Designs as a winner of 'Best use of fiber'.  Yay!

Thank you Malin for this great soup and congratulations for being one of the winners!

This necklace of Malin won the Judge's choice award (by Nina Designs). Well deserved!

Please visit Lori's blog to see the other winners here: Winners of BSBP7  and to read more about the judges here: Judges of BSBP7.
Thank you Lori for organizing this years huge blog party, it's been so much fun! I hope I can participate next year too. Also, Thank you Nina Designs and Fusion Beads for picking my pieces, it is such an honor for me!

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  1. Szuper jól néznek ki! A füli a kedvencem!!

  2. tetszik a blogod! követlek!!:))

  3. Congratulations on your win in the BSBP contest! I love those earrings.


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